Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Dune Accommodation

Our bungalows are sparsely spread and discreetly hidden over 30 acres and 700m of beach front. Each one is of a unique inspiration, furniture, size, facility, ranging from ones for couples to ones for families or friends with lounge and private gardens.

They are known for their commitment to reduce the impact on the environment. They are partly built using reclaimed building material from South Indian Colonial houses, Chettinad palaces and Kerala planter’s mansions. They are fully equipped with Solar hot water system, low comsuption bulbs and Waste Water Treatment Plant.

Not all our accommodation have air conditioning for environmental reasons and we have most of the time a refreshing sea breeze.

We are proud to introduce our 4 new bungalows: The Wood Houses, The Pool House, The Courtyard House.

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