Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Magic Water Treatment at Dune

The Watsu ® is a method inspired by the Zen Shiatsu developed by Harold Dull in California in the early 80s and it is now spreading worldwide, including in India. The Watsu ® treatment is done in warm water and rebalances all our energies. It is based on techniques and theories of Eastern philosophy for the recovery and maintenance of psychophysical well-being. It is a very gentle method using the therapeutic properties of water kept at body temperature. The patient floats feeling the rhythmic movement of the water, the combination of a light acupressure of energy points, stretching, rocking as if he was back in his mother’s womb.

This treatment allows the water element to release tensions in muscles and joints, clearing blockages on the physical, emotional and mental levels. The feeling of weightlessness transforms the perception of space and time bringing a deep sense of relaxation. It is said that one hour of Watsu is equivalent to four hours of sleep.
Recently an Asian spa association voted Watsu “best treatment” of all therapies offered in Asian spas.

View a 10 minute video by Harold Dull introducing Watsu and its use in clinics and spas.

Hydrotherapy,involves the use of water for soothing pains and treating diseases. Its use has been recorded in ancient Egyptian, Greek and Roman civilizations. Egyptian royalty bathed with essential oils and flowers, while Romans had communal public baths for their citizens which they called S.P.A meaning Sanitas Per Aqua (health through water).

Today, hydrotherapy is used to treat musculoskeletal disorders such as arthritis, spondylitis or spinal cord injuries and in patients suffering from stroke or paralysis.

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